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SCINET Scientific Software Framework


SCINET Scientific Software Framework, developed by OBACS, integrates a variety of scientific disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, GIS and more into a single, flexible yet very modular and powerful architecture. It is built on the Microsoft .NET platform and 100% compliant with the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specifications.

The demand for advanced computational software solutions for research and new product development is increasing continuously every year. The majority of the computational software solutions in the market place today target specific software needs and often result in further investigation of additional software products and/or components from different third party providers. More time, money and resources are required to investigate and integrate these third party products into existing systems -often with serious side effects.

The goal of the SCINET Scientific Software Framework is to provide not only high performance and high precision computational software solutions but also a framework where all these solutions for data processing, analysis and visualization can work together seamlessly.

High Performance/High Precision Computing

SCINET Scientific Software Framework is developed with C# programming language which allows a higher precision type to be used for all floating-point operations.

"Floating-point operations can be performed with higher precision than the result type of the operation. For example: Some hardware architectures support an “extended” or “long double” floating-point type with greater range and precision than the double type, and implicitly perform all floating-point operations using this higher precision type. Only at excessive cost in performance can such hardware architectures be made to perform floating-point operations with less precision, and rather than require an implementation to forfeit both performance and precision, C# allows a higher precision type to be used for all floating-point operations. Other than delivering more precise results, this rarely has any measurable effects. " see C# Language Specification, Standard ECMA 334.

Seamless Integration with any SCINET solution

The powerful and flexible architecture of the SCINET Scientific Software Framework allows all Scinet solutions to work together seamlessly. At any point in your development, you can bring in a new Scinet solution without the risk of software conflicts and/or performance hits due to data translations among different modules. SCINET will reduce your development costs and increase your productivity without the compromise of performance.

Developer Friendly, Object-Oriented Architecture

SCINET is completely developed with object-oriented architecture. Intuitive names for namespaces, classes and methods allow developers to easily locate and implement more advanced capabilities in no time.

100% Compliant with Common Language Infrastructure Specification

SCINET Scientific Software Framework is 100% compliant with the Common Language Infrastructure Specification which provides cross platform compatibility and programming language independence for SCINET. You can use any of the 20+ .NET programming languages with SCINET solutions.

Royalty FREE Licensing

All SCINET solutions for developers (excluding applications) are provided with a Royalty Free License.

12 Months FREE Product Upgrade & Technical Support

All SCINET solutions (including applications) are provided with 12 Months FREE product upgrade and Premium Technical Support.

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