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Scinet Chart


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Scinet CHART is a powerful and highly flexible data visualization component for creating sophisticated and very attractive 2D and 3D plots of numerical data and mathematical functions. It supports a variety of chart options to help visualize the data in a more useful and informative manner.

  • Powered by SCINET Scientific Software Framework
  • Unlimited number of stunning 2D and 3D charts on a single chart control
  • Reprogrammable; create your own customized chart types
  • Control each chart independently
  • Use built-in or your own custom color schema
  • Use the built-in chart manager to:
    • Add/remove charts
    • Zoom in/out
    • Pan left/right/up/down
    • Rotate charts in 3D
    • Control location and size of the charts independently
    • Control chart attributes
    • Control transparency of chart and plot areas independently
    • Turn on/off visibility of each chart independently

Sample Images

The following images are provided to demonstrate some of the capabilities mentioned above. Click on a sample image to enlarge it.

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