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Scinet Math


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Scinet MATH is a suite of numerical software libraries that are 100% object-oriented and fully compliant with the Common Language Infrastructure specifications. It provides a broad range of advanced computational capabilities under one roof. As an integral component of the SCINET Scientific Software Framework, Scinet Math is designed and optimized for rapid development of high performance, high precision software applications.

  • Powered by SCINET Scientific Software Framework
  • A broad range of advanced computational capabilities under one roof:
    • Hundreds of mathematical routines and data types
    • 2D/3D Geometry
    • Numerical Analysis
    • Linear Algebra
    • Statistics
    • Digital Signal Processing

Sample Images

The following images are provided to demonstrate some of the capabilities mentioned above. Click on a sample image to enlarge it.
DSP - Chebyshev Filter Type I Lowpass.pngDSP - SavitzkyGolay.jpgMath - Hermite Polynomials.jpgMath - Laguerre Polynomials.jpgMath - Legendre Polynomials.jpgNumerical Analysis - Optimization.jpgStatistics - Anova.jpgStatistics - Linear Regression.jpgStatistics - Poisson Distribution.jpg

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